2020 – The Year of Change

Here we are at the end of the year, a natural time to reflect. I’ve been thinking back on how despite the turbulence, we created a beautiful and amazing movement in 2020. And for those of you who don’t know, this is what happened.

So when lockdown started, Jules and I decided I should just go live on Instagram with my daily Qigong session. The hope was that we could offer a bit of stability and continuity and virtual community in a really scary, isolating and uncertain time. For me as much as anyone else!!

We started the daily lives – and in a matter of weeks, the Qi Gang was born! And genuinely, I live to heal people. So when the messages started flooding in, the stories of how much better you felt, how much the classes were helping, this fired me up even more.

Out of lockdown came new friendships, from our international Qi Gang to well known, influential people such as Jasmine Hemsley, Yasmin Sewell and David Loftus. And I want to thank every single one of you for helping to spread the word  – and for giving Chinese medicine a chance.

And then, I got to realise a long-held pipe dream, the launch of Hayou’fit. It quickly became clear that the market was ready for Qigong, even if we weren’t ready to deliver it. So we got ready – really, really fast!! And I’m so proud of our team for pulling it all together. It hasn’t been plain sailing and we are still learning as we go  -so thank you for your patience and your support.

I can’t actually tell you how much I have cried this year. Tears of anger, frustration, sadness – but also tears of side-splitting mirth, of unbridled joy and of simple astonishment at the capacity we have as humans for love for our fellow man.

On that note, I’d like to end by sharing just a couple of the testimonials we’ve received recently. I promise you, the whole team get to see them and take so much satisfaction from knowing that we are effecting positive change.

“I think it’s amazing what all of you are doing and achieving. At the worst of times, the best things happen. Thank you to you all for your positivity, it has all lifted me so much. The year is to end much better than it started for certain!!”
– Sara Johnson

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this and yesterday’s class – I’m feeling so grateful for discovering you. The advice today added a real moment of clarity. It’s a long road but it’s so great to know there’s so many walking the path together, and to have you (and gang) so selflessly lighting the way”
– @craftekat

“OMG you and your team really are awesome. Guardian angels to so many people and giving everyone strength, joy, love, compassion and most of all community. You have and will make a real difference to Lockdown 2.0! Thank you!”
– @sjmgroom

And I think the last word has to go to our beloved original Qi Gang member Walnuts. I won’t share her real name, but a few months back, Walnuts was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She understandably retreated in order to come to terms with what she and her family were facing – and our entire community sent her love, support and healing energy. Last week we had a message that she was going to try and join the live feed again, and we did a special class just for her. I won’t share the whole message with you, but she sent us this:

“I’m feeling ready to embrace life again.”

2020 has given me a platform and a space to be able to share the remarkable wisdom that I know to be true, and I know to be valuable beyond words. And how could I fail to be grateful for that?