Anxiety is the worst. It feels horrible in your body: tight muscles, light headed, racing heart, sweaty. And possibly worse in your head: panicked, negative, overwhelmed, nervous, feeling like the world is speeding up or slowing down, restless and unable to concentrate or even just numb. Any of which can have a massive impact on your ability to function and to get through the day.

I’m in no way against the treatment for anxiety that’s offered by your GP – talking therapies or antidepressants. But I know people can find Chinese medicine’s explanation of anxiety really helpful, because it roots it in the body. For example, it describes anxiety as associated with the heart (organs are seen as having emotional qualities in Chinese medicine, as well as physical ones) which gives us a place to treat. In fact, there are seven types of anxiety in Chinese medicine, mostly to do with the heart, but also the liver, gallbladder or kidneys. Helping your Qi (energy) to flow in these areas and breathing well and deeply are both important steps to lowering your anxiety levels. These rituals can help:

The basic techniques of yang sheng work together to effectively reduce stress and rebalance you. Head to the rituals section to learn them.