Best Body

Have you tried absolutely everything to lose or to gain weight? Achieving and maintaining your best body is NOT all about calories, frenetic exercise and deprivation, but rather about gentle quality and enjoyment. Let’s be clear here. We are aiming for toned, happy, strong and healthy – whatever dress size that happens to be. And by strong I’m talking Qi as well as muscles; we are talking about a true balance at every level. The Chinese approach is to discover the root cause of your weight issue. Once you correct any underlying imbalances and your body is working harmoniously, your natural weight will be restored.

There are generally four main reasons for weight imbalance:

– Stress
– Spleen imbalance
– Weak digestion
– Fatigue and ‘Cold’ in the body

In addition, Liver Qi and Kidney Qi can both play a large role in the state of your weight. Notice that I haven’t even mentioned food yet! That’s because diet is not the most important consideration. Yet even the way Chinese medicine approaches nutrition is different; it is considered, holistic and from an energetic perspective.

For example, how we eat is just as important as what we eat. Here’s just a taster to whet your appetite (if you’ll pardon the pun).

In China, a meal begins with a good look at their food. This triggers the functioning of the most crucial digestive process – saliva. Even in super-fast paced modern China, food is considered before it is eaten. It’s common practice to take a moment to digest a meal with their eyes, in order to encourage saliva.

Saliva helps the body on many levels. Taoists refer to saliva as the ‘water of life’, ‘the foundation of youth’ and the ‘golden elixir’, to give you an idea of its importance! It contains glucosamine, a naturally occurring amino acid. This saliva that gets swallowed into the stomach along with your food contains vital enzymes for digestion – so the more you allow yourself to salivate – and chew – the better.

Chewing your food well is essential in order to introduce air, digestive juices and Qi into the mixture. This sends food down into the stomach in a condition amenable to digestion. If this stage is hurried then the stomach has to work harder and the intestines won’t be able to absorb the nutrients correctly. And it all goes downhill from there.

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