This is one of the oldest forms of breath therapy. It’s becoming better known now, probably because it’s so brilliant. The premise is that specific sounds correspond to the vibrations of each organ and its meridian. It feels and sounds strange, but I’ve experienced its transformative power first-hand.

If you can, do this daily, in particular before bed if you have trouble sleeping. In terms of noise level, you can tailor the volume to your environment. It’s worth doing this in private if you find that making the sounds loudly gives you more of a release, but practising them really softly, almost under your breath, is better for long-term results.
Each organ you’re working on is considered a ‘master organ’ in Chinese medicine, which means they control other organs and systems in the body. The idea is, if you keep your master organs happy and healthy, you’ll stay in balance.

As you breathe a long breath out, make the sound. As you do so, visualise the matching organ or area. Send it happy vibes and imagine old, stale energy coming out of it, like mist.
Repeat five times for each organ. Ideally, do three rounds.