Healing Through the Eyes: the Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask

If you follow me on my Instagram account (@katie_brindle), you’ll know there is an exciting new launch over on the Hayo’u Method… 

My stunning Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s the perfect luxury addition to add to your Yang Sheng wellness toolbox. Made with intricately hand-polished clear quarts – the ‘master healer’ of crystals – it promises to de-puff, de-stress and soothe tired eyes. 

One Minute to Self-Care

My mantra has always been “one minute to self-care”, and this mask is the perfect embodiment of that. Use it in the morning for a quick refresh before your skincare, on your lunch break when you need a little pick-me-up, or before bed to help soothe you into sleep.  

The mask has all these fabulous qualities: 

  • Soothes tired eyes 
  • Reduces the appearance of dark under eyes 
  • Reduces puffiness 
  • Alleviates headaches and migraines 
  • Eases jaw tension 
  • Aids relaxation 
  • Reduces with hay fever puffiness 
  • Helps with jaw lock, toothache or tense jaw 
  • Soothes acne, rosacea and other skin ailments 
  • Helps with nasal issues like sinusitis or congestion 

The Hayo’u Crystal Quartz Eye Mask

The Power of Crystal Quartz

But that’s not all. Crystal quartz has a plethora of other amazing qualities that you will benefit from just by wearing the mask for a few minutes at a time: 

  • Calming the mind 
  • Destressing the skin 
  • Stimulating the immune system 
  • Helping with concentration and memory 
  • Balancing the body 
  • Supporting lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination 
  • Improving mental clarity 
  • Calming the soul 

The mask is great for those specific little issues we all suffer from – whether it’s toothache, headaches and migraines, hay fever congestion and puffiness, or even the odd hangover! I absolutely love using the mask before any events as it’s the perfect “primer” for your make-up. And of course, it’s the ideal accompaniment to any meditation session; the cool, relieving weight of the mask really helps keep your mind focused and relaxed.

What Chinese Medicine Says About Crystal Eye Masks

Unlike other masks on the market, I wanted to develop a mask that carefully covers all the significant acupressure and reflex points on and around the eyes, temples, upper brow and cheekbones.  

In Chinese medicine, the eyes are a holographic map of the human body. This means the eyes have the ability to manifest the health of the internal organs; in other words, caring for the eyes is a way to care for the entire body.  

The Clear Quartz Crystal Eye Mask follows the natural curve around the eyes, providing a gentle pressure on specific key acupressure points that clear heat from the body, brighten the eyes, relieve headaches, reduce dark circles, reduce nasal disorders, reduce tired eyes and blurred vision, and eye redness and swelling.  

When these points are stimulated, skincare can also be better absorbed.  

The Liver and its Connection to the Eyes

The Liver opens into the eyes, which means they have a direct connection. The Crystal Eye Mask can therefore soothe issues associated with Liver imbalance such as stress, headaches and emotional issues. Make sure to take a look at my Liver guide for more information about this key organ. 

How to Use the Mask

I wanted to create the ideal self-care tool suitable for everyone, and I truly believe the Eye Mask delivers. Self-care should be thought of like brushing your teeth; it’s something you do for a few minutes a day but has both fast results and long-term benefits. You don’t need any skill or expertise to use the mask – simply lie back, place it gently onto the face and allow the cooling crystals to work their magic. It’s the most stress-free way to achieve one minute of self-care each day.  

You can also flip the mask over the cover the lower portion of the face and jaw – ideal for soothing lock-jaw, toothache or any other jaw-related concerns.  

You can also pop the mask in the fridge for a few minutes before use if you want an extra cooling sensation.  

The Crystal Eye Mask is my current favourite go-to wellness tool – I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! 


Katie xx