Did you know there’s a tool to understand your health, wellbeing and character traits? One thing you may, or may not know is that alongside running Hayo’u and Hayo’uFit, I offer BaZi chart readings. An ancient aspect of Chinese Wisdom, these life-changing readings are a wonderful way of understanding the makeup of who you are. If you are constantly wondering why certain symptoms persist, why events happen again and again and how to change behaviours, a BaZi reading may be for you.


What is a BaZi Reading?

A BaZi is a chart reading using ancient Chinese wisdom. Relatively unheard of in the West, It has been used in classical Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a way to discover a unique picture of your energetic and emotional profile. A BaZi reading offers a comprehensive understanding of the relationships of elements that make up your personality, physiology, emotional energy, health and virtually every aspect of your being. In fact, for centuries in China, the parents of a new baby would contact a master to examine the four pillars of their child’s life and personality.

In Chinese, BaZi refers to eight characters that comprise what are sometimes called the four pillars of destiny, where each Pillar has a Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. The first is the “Ten Heavenly Stems” and the relationships of Yin and Yang among the five elements of nature. The second is the twelve earthly branches and the relationships of the hidden elements related to them. A detailed analysis of these relationships then yields fascinating information about how this influences every aspect of your life, including health, wellbeing and character traits.

A consultation lasts for 2 hours and is an in-depth, highly personal experience that offers invaluable insights enabling you to move forwards and enjoy life to the full. I am proud and honoured to have offered hundreds of BaZi readings. Having never met you before with only a few tiny pieces of information I can offer an almost scarily accurate portrait of your life. Discover more here.

The Why and the What

Essentially a BaZi reading really answers the two essential questions for self-care – the why and what.

We firstly answer the question ‘why’ you are the way you are, why things happen the way they do, why you have the illnesses or symptoms you have. Then we work together to find a solution to the next question which is “what do I do about this?”.

What will a BaZi offer me?

A BaZi reading will allow you to:

– Understand the natural elements that reign in your life

– Unlock any blockages: biologically, professionally, emotionally or spiritually

– Have clarity in your life purpose

– Create a healing path

– Gain tools to fill your life with happiness

By the end of the reading, you will have answered the question of why is this happening and what can I do about it. With bespoke advice and guidance covering lifestyle, exercise, diet, supplements, actions, thought processes and patterns of behaviour.

They are truly transformative, here are just a few of the people I’ve met and what they’ve had to say about it:

“My BaZi chart reading has literally changed my life” – Fearne Cotton

“One of the most insightful things I’ve ever done” – Emma Forbes

“A guaranteed aid to emotional, mental and physical health” – Anna Pasternak

“An almost chillingly detailed, accurate portrait of who I am and the life, and health I have to date” – Anna Murphy

“I had no idea you would unearth so much more about me! Our session was SO insightful and precise“ – Charlotte – Qi gang member

“I would highly recommend anyone doing this – Katie’s knowledge and kindness are on a different level and I am excited about where all this will lead me!“ – Fran R – Qi gang member

Discover more about these transformative readings on my YouTube, Instagram and blog. I hope to see you in my clinic and do come and join me for this once in a lifetime opportunity to really understand the why and the what.