Chinese medicine has always understood that what we feel has a huge impact on our bodies. That any painful emotion must be felt and transformed, rather than suppressed or let out, or it will eventually manifest in symptoms and disorders.

It prescribes that each of our positive and negative emotions are associated with an organ. If the organ is out of balance and the emotions overwhelming, specific symptoms can manifest.

Different emotions have a different effect on the organs causing problems in the body in different ways, so anger and hate cause damage to the liver, worry causes damage to the stomach and spleen, anxiety damages the heart, fear upsets the balance of the kidneys and grief the lungs.

Let’s take grief as an example. Alongside the overwhelming emotional symptoms associated with losing someone close, it’s common to experience physical symptoms too. Heavy pressure on the chest or in the abdomen, shallow breath and heart palpitations are all commonly reported.

But, this works both ways. So whilst negative emotions can disrupt the energy of your organs, positive emotions can heal and balance them. Compassion can balance the liver, contentment can balance your stomach, gratitude can produce the energy to balance your lungs, wisdom and allowing produces vibrations which heals your kidneys – joy and unconditional love will heal blockages in the heart. You can intentionally choose your emotion and try conjuring it up to transform the negative into a positive. So, be aware of having the negative emotion and then work on it by transforming it into the positive emotion.

This is why I host the free meditation sessions every day, meditation can really help and is a good space to focus on identifying any negative emotions and work on transforming them. The healing sounds that we do in Good Morning Qi Gang work in exactly the same way, to balance the energy of the organs.