There is no denying that the workplace isn’t optimised for women. We may have come a long way since the 1950s, but sadly things are still far from perfect. The positive thing is we now have the opportunity to blaze the trail to unlock the next 20 years so that women can thrive in the workplace in our female energy. It’s a really exciting moment in the history of the world.

How can we do this you ask? By respecting our yin energy and changing the way we work for optimal results.

Female Energy is Yin

I am proud that in 2022 women can succeed in both the workplace and the home. Though sadly ‘doing it all can lead to burnout and as I see in my clinic, terrible hormonal symptoms. 

In my time as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I have learnt that female bodies are not meant to be on-the-go relentlessly. To put it simply the female body is yin in energy and our lunar 28-day period cycle is aligned to the moon, which is yin in nature. The male body, which is more yang than yin, is aligned to the 10-year solar cycle, the sun being yang in nature.  

Essentially the female body is not designed to get up in the morning at 6 am every day to commute to the office and then come home to further chaos before finally collapsing into bed, before repeating the whole thing the next day.  So, what happens when we try to live like this is that we massively deplete the yin of our bodies, leading to women feeling at the very least, depleted and worn out. 

Recharge in Just 30 Minutes A Day

The good news? There is a simple change you can make to your day to help recharge and reset. We are still mainly unaware of the fact that as females we should have a rest in the afternoon, the kidney time.  We need half an hour to rest, ideally just after lunch before returning to work and being more productive than ever before. 

What has been useful about working during COVID is that it has facilitated a whole new workforce of people who have been able to work from home, so this rest time, essential for our health and wellbeing, can be factored into each day. Think of it as a meeting you cannot miss!

Flexible Working Is Key

As a Mum of five, I am a huge advocate of flexibility in the workplace. I’ve found that working from home suits a large number of women, particularly those with families. For me personally, it means I can manage my life in the way I need to and get all of my work done in the process, balancing out my day instead of causing even more stress. 

Women Supporting Women

This simple change to our day is only the start. We need to start protecting women in the workplace to allow them to have top jobs, equal rights and opportunities and salary equality.  What we need now, as women in business, is to nourish and grow the amazing support network that has already begun, in order to help each other. We need one another.  One of the reasons I have succeeded is because I was blessed by some amazing women,  I had Anna Murphy, Lisa Armstrong and Trinny giving me the support and the encouragement that kept my business going, and I am so grateful.

I want to inspire you to believe that with determination, courage and the support of the sisterhood – you will be able to go on and follow your dreams. If you’d like to know more join my latest Masterclass, ‘Women In Business: How We Can Succeed’, on March 14th at 6 pm. Book your tickets here.

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