Food and Drinks this Season

Last week we were talking all about the energy of Autumn. So today I want to support that with some food advice. As nature serves up the delicious abundance from the Summer we can really benefit by what we now consume daily. So what should we focus on?

Eat some pungent food to avoid getting cold.

– Including pungent foods in our diet at this time of the year will help to reduce coldness, dispel wind, and clear the pathway for letting our bodies get rid of pathogens before they have the chance to take hold. Too much pungent food can increase dryness in the body, so listen to your body for the amount that feels right for you.

– Foods to include in your cooking would be: garlic, mustard, horseradish, cinnamon, ginger, mint, leeks, onion, wasabi, coriander, dill, rhubarb, thyme and pepper.

Replenish body liquid to avoid dryness.

– The lungs are the organs most associated with Autumn, and the lungs link with the skin and nose – they don’t like dryness, so if the lungs are not in balance, we can develop dry lips and mouth, itchy nose and skin, dry skin and dry hair, dry throat pain and dry cough, and constipation etc.

– Foods I would recommend would be pear, honey, coconut, coconut water, tofu, soya milk, almond, radish, turnip, water chestnut, papaya, sesame and pork.

Eat a little sour food to help moisturize the internal body.

– Try to reduce spicy and greasy foods during the Autumn as this can increase dryness. The foods that would be very helpful at this time would be sour fruit, sourdough, vinegar, sauerkraut, apple, tomatoes and yoghurt.

Take care of the digestive system.

– As the weather turns cold, people with weak digestive systems may have stomach ache or diarrhoea if they have too much cold food.

In Autumn, try to keep the feet and ankles warm too, and slowly add layers of warm clothing as a way to build up resistance. Always with seasonal eating, ideally grow your own, but if you can’t do that then the next thing would be to buy the best, most local and freshest food you can. For more information on your digestion and how to eat properly have a look at my book or my BEST BODY masterclass and I can help you further there.
And, of course, do join me for my weekly Healing Qigong classes for more ways to apply this amazing seasonal wisdom as we move, meditate, learn and expand our horizons.