Grief and How to Process it

So, we are now at the midpoint of October, and after the September Mid-Autumn Festival moon we are coming up to another full moon on October 20th. This moon is a Yang Earth Dog Moon and gives us some indication as to what we can do to support our self-care this week. It is the first full moon after September’s Harvest Moon when the farmers would have harvested their crops, and it signalled that it was time to make final preparations and properly lay down stores for the cold winter months ahead. We, too, can use this time, and wisdom, and apply it from a metaphysical perspective as we prepare for the nurturing yin time of Winter.

During most of the October month, the Metal element reverts into the Earth element before it moves into the early stages of Winter on November 8th. As the moon becomes its fullest and strongest, this energy is heightened, and it’s important for us now to really work on processing inwards all the shifts we have been working on for the first two months of the season. During the time of the full moon – for three days before, and three days after – we are given a week to harness this amazing power and support – our emotions will be heightened but so, too, will our energy and intentions, so this will be the perfect time for us to really work with the Autumn energy to process any remaining grief, sorrow, or emotional burdens that we may still be carrying.

As Autumn is about letting go of anything which no longer serves and being grateful for all that remains, the task for this week is to “bed that in”. Earth is always about grounding and moving in a circular motion to enable the life that ensues. The interesting thing about right now is we have this Earth/Metal moment. The falling leaves of Autumn represent us letting go of anything which no longer serves us, that’s the Metal cutting away. The leaves, however, go into the earth and decompose to create new life and abundance when Spring comes round again.

The concept to focus on is that nothing goes to waste. As my father always said to me “no education is a waste”, and he is right. Any pain, suffering, or old habits which we are able to let go of now, in turn become a wealth of nourished wisdom for future events which we can look at “older and wiser”, as we are given the opportunity to really learn from what has gone on before.

Such an interesting aspect of the metaphysical concept of ageing is that it is something to actually be welcomed, rather than campaigned against by the “anti-aging” slogans we have grown up with. The more we learn to let go and be grateful for all our experiences, the more we are able to navigate our lives less painfully, which will lead to less trauma as we move forwards, and so we should perhaps be more aligned with “pro-aging”!!

So, as Yang Earth Dog Moon comes into its full beam, we can bring that into our hearts and enjoy the qualities of groundedness, loyalty and unconditional love as we release any last unwanted traumas so we can start to prepare for the deep yin of the winter months ahead.