How to Enjoy the Long Nights

Something I absolutely love about this time of year is the shorter nights, which are about to get even shorter now that the clocks have changed. To me, there is something so indulgent about just staying in and snuggling into the long evenings.
So, what should we do with all this time? Watch Netflix? Well, there is a bit of that, I have to confess, but that said, there are certain things that happen in our family around this time of year, and I really relish them and look forward to their arrival. The fire goes on in the living room, the music goes on, and I start to read. A LOT! More than in the summer in fact, and those books tend to have been building up over the months so it’s a real treat to have the longer nights to really get stuck into them.

Self Care Time

Then it’s self-care time. I love every aspect of the Hayo’u Method’s self-care techniques but what I particularly love, when I know that I have a little more time to spend in the bathroom, is making full use of the aromatherapy products. They don’t get much of a look in, I’m sad to say, compared to their glamourous crystal siblings, but they are indeed amazing, magical even.
Well aromatherapy just is! It came to mainstream fame in the 1980s when you couldn’t walk down any high street without wafts of aromas emerging from shops and salons. But why? Do we actually know?
Research has shown that aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety, depression, and grief, improve sleep, and even boost immunity. Indeed, I formulated my Mineral Bath specifically to help with my own grief, using ingredients that I knew would help – amazing essential oils, crystals and salts that are known to deeply relax and nurture body and soul, such as lotus flower, ylang-ylang, rose quartz and frankincense. Furthermore, many of these ingredients had the added advantage of being naturally anti-inflammatory to boot, which is why these precious gifts from nature are revered the world over and have been used by so many different cultures for so many centuries.

As we know, the mind and body are deeply connected, and aromatherapy works by stimulating smell receptors in the nose, which will then send messages through the nervous system to the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls emotions. So, while we spend more time in our homes during the longer Autumn evenings, we can bring those benefits easily into our own lives and benefit from them by just knowing how powerful they can be.

The Hayo’u Product Range

Obviously, we have a wonderful, curated Hayo’u product range, including the candle, diffuser, bath salts, shower minerals and oils, all of which carry our signature fragrance, but nothing is more important than actually taking really deep breaths to enable the aromas to come into the body, reach the amygdala, and work their magic. So, my evenings, after a read-a-thon with my husband, are all about getting upstairs to the bathroom and settling in for a relaxing bath or foot bath, a few crystals, perhaps a lovely foot massage with the body oil and a lot of deep breathing!!! It really makes a difference to my sleep and the process of letting go of anything that I’d like to shift before we go deeper into the yin time of year, the stillness of Winter, and the Kidney energy that’s coming in as we go deeper.