How to Protect Your Lungs for Winter

In Chinese Medicine, Winter starts from 8th November. And with the cold, darker months comes the inevitable coughs, colds and flu-like illnesses we all tend to suffer from. With Covid still affecting so many of us, now is the time to really ask ourselves how to protect our lungs before the winter truly sets in.

Lungs in Balance

So why do we need to focus on our lungs on the run-up to winter? 

The energy of nature at the moment is in the element of metal, and the lungs are the associated organs. Right now, we need to be giving them as much TLC as possible because they have a big job ahead as Winter gathers speed.

We’ve already been doing great work on our Lung energy throughout the Autumn season by letting go and releasing all of those negative emotions, and by feeling the gratitude for the things that we know serve us well. But we also need to work on the physical aspect of keeping our Lung energy balanced.

Breathing exercises are a great way to protect your lungs this winter

The Importance of Protecting Your Lungs for Winter

As we begin to move deeper into Winter, the Lungs will need to protect us from the onslaught of pathogens that we breathe in on a daily basis. The trick to all preventative health is to avoid low-level issues getting a foothold in the body, where they can then turn into a bigger problem and, if left unchecked, creating a real issue.

With our Lungs, this is of paramount importance because right now we are more prone to those seasonal issues such as bronchial conditions, dry coughs and colds, and respiratory allergies. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to some horrendous illnesses that can knock you for six and linger all winter. 

This is the last chance for us to really work with the energy of the last moments of Autumn and ensure that we have given our lungs the best possible care to boost their ability to protect us during winter.

The Body Restorer is a great tool for practicing body Gua Sha

How to Protect Your Lungs for Winter

So how do you give your lungs as much protection as possible? Purge and nourish. 

Gua Sha

Right now, we should focus on maxing out our evening Gua Sha sessions. Use the Body Restorer to Gua Sha down the inside of the arms towards the thumb, and up the outside of the arm from the index finger to the shoulder. Ask someone to Gua Sha your back, too.


Practice regular Qigong and use the Bamboo Body Tapper morning and evening. Then breathe deeply. It’s easier said than done, but deep breathing is so good for us and yet we often forget to do it. 

Think about setting an alarm to go off every hour and when it sounds, stop whatever you’re doing and do five smiling breaths. It’s based on the ancient Chinese “inner smile” technique and makes a huge difference to how you feel – and your lungs will thank you for it, too.

For more information about Gua Sha and protecting yourself for the upcoming Winter, take a look at our Guides.