Chinese medicine has a sophisticated understanding of how the body works physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. It holds that illness only occurs when you get out of balance. Treat those energetic imbalances early enough and you can limit the chance of physical symptoms. All manner of low level symptoms can signal a disruption of energy flow. For example, are you sleeping well? If you are out of balance, you’ll likely be experiencing one or more of the issues below. You may be a step further than this, and already be suffering from illness. I’m in no way saying that yang sheng can cure disease. But, alongside Western medicine, and no matter your symptoms, there are always simple steps you can take to improve your general balance and support yourself in the meantime.

How To Treat Menopause with Chinese Medicine

In Chinese Wisdom, menopause is seen as a transformation that leads to a new beginning.

Spread The Love This Mother’s Day

Learn a powerful and transcending space technique for love.

8 Simple Steps for a Great Night's Sleep

Do you wake up feeling exhausted? Learn how to improve your sleep quality with these simple steps.

Discover your Real Self with a BaZi Reading

This is the key to discover your real self and the story of your life.

Female Energy in The Workplace

Discover how to unlock your female energy to thrive in your career.

Discover The Secret To a Healthy Liver

There are simple changes you can make to your diet with the seasons to optimise your Liver's health

The Five Elements In Chinese Medicine

Being in harmony and balance with the forces of the universe is the path to a healthy and happy life.

The Art Of Self-Love: Putting Yourself First

Self-love to me is far more than loving how we look, but loving our very being.

Chinese New Year Rituals & Traditions

The Chinese New Year is the most important date in the Chinese calendar.

Healing Through the Eyes: the Clear Quartz Eye Mask

The perfect luxury addition to add to your Yang Sheng wellness toolbox.

The Katie Brindle Body Beautiful Resolution

I want to help you love your body - and loving your body means taking care of it from the inside out.

Winter Solstice

21st December is one of the most important days in the Chinese calendar – the Winter Solstice. Known in the 24 Seasonal Nodes as ‘Extreme Winter’.

The Evil of Cold

To preserve our qi, we need to rest. Much like Winter itself, we go inwards, conserve our energy and begin to build up our reserves once again.

Water, Water Everywhere

I wanted to talk about Water. As the dominating energy of the season, its arguably the most important element – it's certainly the deepest. 

Winter Food & Drinks

Chinese Wisdom offers us some really great advice when it comes to the best food and drinks during the Winter.

The 24 Seasonal Nodes

The 24 Seasonal Nodes are an additional way to influence our health and give us information on how to elevate our wellbeing.

Stress Awareness Day

The 3rd November was Stress Awareness Day. Learn how you can help relieve yourself of it.

How to Protect Your Lungs for Winter

Now is the time to really ask ourselves how to protect our lungs before the winter truly sets in.

How to Enjoy the Long Nights

Something I absolutely love about this time of year is the shorter nights.

The Parable of the Old Farmer

The Parable of the old Farmer reminds us that what we have, is choice.

Grief and How to Process it

This moon is a Yang Earth Dog Moon and gives us some indication as to what we can do to support our self-care this week.

The Art of Letting Go - Pt 2

We need to remember that there are two main organs that relate to letting go – the Lungs and the Large Intestine.

The Art of Letting Go - Pt 1

So, what is it that we should be letting go of? That is the question we should be asking ourselves in the first instance.

Letting Go

The Masters were big on reflection and letting go too, as the great Lao Tzu said: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”.

Moon Festival

Like all seasons, Autumn offers us its own unique perspective.


Embracing the energy and powerful gifts afforded to us by the ever-changing seasons

Food & Drinks this Season

We can really benefit by what we now consume daily. So what should we focus on?

Overcome Social Anxiety

Anxiety can manifest in a multitude of different symptoms. These include tense muscles and headaches, feeling light-headed or dizzy, etc.

How To Heal Your Gut

What really stands out about the Chinese attitude to food is the focus on digestion, on improving your eating habits.


Sleepless nights do more than make you feel lethargic, cranky and generally rubbish the next day. Sleep disorders are rife in today’s world.

The hidden imbalance

Why is stress so key in infertility? A healthy diet and exercise are clearly key if you are trying to get pregnant.

Is Your Skin Stressed

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ you have? It’s also one of your body’s go to ways to clear inflammation and toxicity.

Combat Stress

The stress "fight or flight" response causes the body to produce adrenaline. This causes inflammation, so the body then produces cortisol to reduce this effect.

Anxiety and your Heart

In addition to physical symptoms, anxiety causes negative thoughts and feelings which can feel overwhelming.

Best Body

It is no longer all about calories, frenetic exercise and deprivation. Let’s change the narrative and prioritise balance, quality and enjoyment.

2020 - The Year of Change

So when lockdown started, Jules and I decided I should just go live on Instagram with my daily Qigong session.

Boosting Immunity

Once you have some decent oxygen going on in your bloodstream, you then need to get it circulating around the body.


Consider your organs as little mini kingdoms. They all have territories, rivers of Qi that interact and weave all over the body like a canal system.

Master Your Health

Wellness is suddenly a buzzword, covering everything from fake tan to a supplement, to green juice and yoga. We need to reclaim wellness.

6 Excess Factors

In Chinese medicine we categorise these factors into wind, cold, heat, dryness, dampness & summer heat. We call them the 6 excess factors.


Chinese medicine has always understood that what we feel has a huge impact on our bodies & organs causing health problems.

The 5 Elements

Five Elements is a fundamental theory of Chinese medicine. It holds that everything in the universe can be categorised into one of five groups.


Just one night of Insomnia can affect your memory, emotional state, hormones and appetite. Learn to sleep better with yang sheng.


The way Chinese medicine talks about menopause may come as a huge relief to you. Here I look at a few common symptoms.


Yang sheng considers your emotional state as rooted in your body rather than your mind.


Stress is a natural response – it’s all about how you deal with it.

Low Mood

All emotions are healthy, it’s all about balancing them. Learn how.


Your gut and brain are intimately connected - it’s about so much more than digesting food.

Low Energy

Constantly exhausted and in need of an energy boost? It’s all about rebalancing.

Low Immunity

If you are fed up of always feeling under par, yang sheng may have the answer.

Poor Skin

No matter your skin issue, the problem lies deeper than you think.

Disclaimer: Yang sheng techniques are designed to support your overall wellbeing and should not be used as a substitute for any medical treatment you may be undergoing. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.