Low Immunity

“A person is not sick because they have a disease, they have a disease because they are sick.” Nei Jing

You’ll most likely be very aware if your immune system is struggling. Are you one of those people who just seems to pick up everything going? Do you often find yourself with a runny nose, cough or sore throat? It’s not only annoying, it’s also exhausting to never quite feel 100%.

Simply put, immunity is our body’s defence system. I find it fascinating that scientists increasingly agree that our immunity is strongly influenced by thoughts and emotions – bringing a whole new meaning to mind over matter. This heralds a move towards the cornerstone of Chinese thought – that the mind and body are one. The yang sheng philosophy is that it’s just as important for

Chinese medicine also wholeheartedly subscribes to the approach of prevention is better than cure. According to the tenets of Chinese medicine and Taoist alchemy, the human immune system has three primary centres: the thymus, the adrenals and the spine – providing us with physical areas of the body on which to focus support. For example, protecting your lower back and your neck will help to support your immunity. Simply covering up or putting a hot water bottle on your lower back will help.

Boosting your circulation and lymphatic drainage will support your immunity significantly – and the basic yang sheng techniques are a simple and pleasurable way to get started.