Mastering your health is as easy as 1,2,3

Wellness is suddenly a buzzword, covering everything from fake tan to a supplement, to green juice and yoga. We need to reclaim wellness, starting with the basics. It’s not about how long you live, it’s about how well you live. Wellness needs to go deeper – it should be about mastering your health.

So how well are you feeling right now? Exhausted? Stressed? Anxious? Struggling to sleep or to lose weight? In my experience, this is many of us. The really good news is that our bodies are designed to self-heal and feel well, all the time. We’ve just forgotten what that actually feels like and how to manage it in our busy modern lives.

There is an ancient health system that has all the answers for you – Chinese medicine. And, as a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I’m well placed to distil the wealth of information it offers. There is a lot more to it than just acupuncture and herbs. Chinese wisdom offers a vast array of other phenomenally powerful self-healing solutions; using nothing more costly than a breath, or a stretch, or a jam jar lid.

There’s an ancient Chinese expression: ‘A drop of prevention is worth a bucketload of cure’. And, to help you stay well, that drop of prevention is literally the following 3 elements:

*Ensure the free flow of Qi (energy) and blood circulation
*Purge and nourish
*Strengthen the 5 key organs

How do we do this? It’s a lot easier than you think. To learn more, or if you aren’t sure where to start, just have a look at my Instagram, @katie_brindle. Join the community, we do this together every single day! I host a free daily Qigong class at 8am UK time – and there are lots of IGTVs about each of these simple techniques.

Believe me – this is like nothing you’ve ever tried before! And so much easier than you think….

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 7 interactive masterclasses available, sign up here. I’d love you to join me.