Menopause / Perimenopause

Taking moments for yourself throughout the day – and resting more – will help you find balance

The way Chinese medicine talks about menopause may come as a huge relief to you. Rather than thinking of it as an end – to fertility, to youth, to health – Chinese wisdom sees it as a deep energy shift, a time to heal, balance your energies and focus on life’s lessons.

That said, any menopausal symptoms are a sign you need some extra support. This is a time when your Qi (energy) may be low, and your Jing (your underlying life energy and resilience) is going down, too.

There are a huge range of menopause symptoms – I’ve tackled some of the most common ones below – and the root cause often varies.
One way to look at the menopause is in terms of yin and yang energies. Yang is the active energy of movement, daytime and heat. Yin is the passive energy of stillness, night time and coolness. Yin and yang need to be roughly equal for your body to be in balance. But our lives are now so fast-paced, we all have an excess of yang energy. So often, the techniques I recommend will help balance your yin and yang energies.

In clinic, I often see how stress makes menopause symptoms worse. If you take away one message, it should be this: help yourself to cope with your stress. The following techniques should all add little moments of calm and support into your day, whatever your symptoms:

The basic techniques of yang sheng work together to effectively reduce stress and rebalance you. Head to the rituals section to learn them.