Poor Skin

I am seeing more and more people in clinic with skin issues – including people with adult acne who never had spots when they were teenagers. Rosacea, thread veins, Psoriasis – the list is endless. Your skin can be sabotaged for any number of reasons. Stress, inflammation, toxic overload, pollution and poor circulation can all play a part.

Poor skin comes in many shapes and forms. Chinese wisdom holds that stress and lifestyle can both contribute to heat in the body, causing redness, itchy, dry and scaly skin and obstructing blood flow to the skin.

The Chinese philosophy has always been that skin problems stem from digestive issues. I’m fascinated that Western science now seems to be aligning itself to this ancient thinking of the Chinese, with more and more scientists publishing evidence that skin conditions can be caused and exacerbated by a leaky gut – often caused by stress.

I have good news for you. Chinese medicine has amazing solutions to skin problems. For a start, gua sha is incredibly good for your skin – and works from the inside out. What I love about Chinese medicine is that it can easily help you to help yourself. You don’t have to have terrible skin – and tackling it is easier than you think.

There are simple things you can do, as easy as brushing your teeth. This is what yang sheng will give you. Brushing your teeth feels so nice when you do it and awful when you don’t – and that’s what you get with these techniques.

Your appearance is a clear indicator of your overall health, as well as your emotional and spiritual state in Chinese medicine. So, rebalancing your system with easy, daily exercises will go a long way towards clearing up your skin from the inside out.

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