'Dear Katie, your class today was truly amazing. Its as if you know each day what I need to hear and do.... I haven't missed a day for weeks now and it is having a profound effect on my physical and mental health. During today's class when we were purging our bodies of all the negativity. I found myself sobbing out loud! I didn't realise until this morning how much pain I am holding on to still and boy did it come out both physically and emotionally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.❤️❤️'

- Client

'Dear Katie and all, First let me say how much I appreciate the love you are spreading at these troubled times! I love how both Katies speak and spread kind words during each session and I love Jules’ sense of humour (I would really like to know what she looks like as it makes such a difference to have a face to somebody whose personality you like, I already know Jasmine, Katie, Katie and even Aaron’s lovely faces) and for all that generosity, kindness and sense of humour I would like to thank you!'

- Client

'I have had bad IBS for 2 years and what you are teaching makes so much sense, my stomach pains have eased and my bloated belly is getting smaller and I am feeling stronger, my skin is looking better too!! I am absolutely loving learning from you. I had a stressful job where I was unhappy and was made redundant just before lockdown (best thing to ever happen to me!). So with less stress and qi gong I am loving feeling like a new woman.'

- Louise

'I’m 31 days in (practising qi gong) and the subtle changes are making a huge difference to my life and little by little, I realise another positive element has taken shape. Just to name a few:- • my asthma cough has stopped • I don’t get up for the toilet in the night • my skin looks like I have applied moisturiser to it • I have so much more energy • I seemed to have stopped worrying I’m sure in a further 31 days time, my list will be even longer!'

- Kelly Spratling, Client

'I've been joining in with Katie's live feeds on my instagram (Peggypocket) since the start of lock down and I honestly love it!!! I've suffered alot in the past with anxiety and feel that learning about Chinese medicine and the Hayo'u method has not only got me through what could well have been a very tricky time, but has made me feel stronger and happier that I have in years!'

- Nicola Richards, Client

'This is my 10th week doing Qigong and meditation everyday. I feel so much better, happier, healthier and more knowledgeable. After my Wednesday crying release day my eczema just disappeared. I hope forever! It’s just a miracle.'

- Client

'Thank you so much Katie and team. I started Qi gong mid April and was a little skeptical at first - had low mood, aches and pains! WOW what a difference in 12 weeks, shoulder pain ive had for years is gone, my waist has reduced and i've just had 4 granddaughters age 15, 8 and twins age 4 all day long and still have energy to spare! I never want to miss a morning. Thank you.'

- Sue, client

'Dear Katie, I am totally astounded at how your classes continue to have such a profound effect on me. I leave your class feeling great! I have gone from my body shaking, feeling faint and sobbing during the last two days for the first time being able to laugh out loud and smile throughout the class!'

- Claire Darlington, client

'Katie, I came to see you earlier in the year and have been doing all my Gua Sha since then. It has made a huge difference. I started reading your book this week - it is lovely, with such a practical and kind voice and useful advice.'

- Emma, client

'Katie offers a treasure trove of health information and tips. I’m impressed.'

- Sarah Stacey, Health Editor of the Mail on Sunday You Magazine

'Katie Brindle is in a league of her own. She has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Chinese medicine and her diagnostics are faultless. Practical yet intuitive, she gets straight to the heart of a problem, then offers an easy to follow solution. Katie's skills are unparalleled and she is a guaranteed aid to emotional, mental and physical health.'

- Anna Pasternak, author and journalist

'Thank you Katie, not only are your products life changing, but your passion and knowledge are infectious.'

- Natali Stein, client

'Brindle is interested in long-time results and preventative approaches… And that's precisely how she developed the now award-winning Hayo'u method, a programme of practical techniques based on years of studying, learning, education and first-hand experience.'

- Bridget Arsenault, Forbes magazine

'Her knowledge is sophisticated and like with all things, benefits from an in-person consultation or ongoing time with her. Breathing, intuition and health of the mind are topics that are rising to the surface of the wellness world as information widens on meditation and even mental health issues.'

- City Wealth magazine

'I enjoyed my visit to Katie, found some eureka moments that have changed my thinking and life. Her blend of ‘lost’ wisdom and research into all the effects of the techniques she is using will need time and energy to absorb but if you do make time, you can experience a mind shift and quantum leap into a better place.'

- Karen Jones, City Wealth magazine

'And I wouldn’t be without a jade face restorer from Hayo’u. It sounds like Ju-ju, but one minute, twice a day with a gua sha massage tool is transformative, as is a facial analysis with Katie Brindle, the founder of Hayo’u and an expert in Chinese medicine.'

- Lisa Armstrong, Harpers Bazaar

'Brindle can literally read the lines on your face and tell you about what is going on with your organs.'

- Anna Murphy, Harper’s Bazaar

'My recent visit to Katie Brindle gave me a new understanding, leaving me with an immensely detailed, almost chillingly detailed, accurate portrait of who I am and the life, and the health I have had to date.'

- Anna Murphy, Times Magazine

'Katie, you deliver incredibly vivid, fast, streetwise and infectious verbal communication on a deeply spiritual level. It is intelligent, original, driven, convincing, deeply researched, full of brilliantly vivid flashes of wit and imagery…. and infiltrating the ancient truths and forgotten wisdom that you've rediscovered over long years of study….Thank you for bringing a whole new perspective….the session was inspirational.’

- Clare Asquith, client

I was introduced to Hay’ou in July 2017 and have been incorporating the rituals and both face and body gua sha every morning and evening ever since.  It’s my few minutes of stress relief each day, that truly works.  I have then been seeing Katie for health reasons.  Her knowledge of Chinese medicine is never ending and truly extraordinary.  She is able to determine why we and our bodies react in certain ways to events in our life that just make sense.  I am truly grateful that our paths somehow collided.  Katie gives you the tools and the confidence to take your health into your own hands using ancient Chinese medicine techniques.  It works.  It will transform your life.  I cannot recommend Katie and Hay’ou more highly.

- Jo, client

I’ve been thinking a lot about our conversations - removing heat from the body before it builds up (like a pressure cooker!) and flattens me with a migraine. I’ve been practising Hayo’u every day, and finding it so relaxing (I did unfortunately have a migraine last week, but I found it really helpful to focus on the reasons behind this, and also how I can try to avoid in future.) What I REALLY love about Hayo’u is it doesn’t feel at all like a chore - but totally like a pleasure. I do very much appreciate your introducing me to the fabulous products and exercises.

- Rosalind Lowe, Assistant Editor, You magazine

Katie Brindle has a magical aura that is immediately intoxicating. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine and tradition is mind blowing and I knew instantly that one session with her would only be the tip of the iceberg (or crystal!) I came home and implemented her breathing techniques and tips and tricks immediately. Already I feel like a new woman.

- Amanda Byram, public figure

Disclaimer: Yang sheng techniques are designed to support your overall wellbeing and should not be used as a substitute for any medical treatment you may be undergoing. You should not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.