The 24 Seasonal Nodes & How They Provide Insight Into Our Health

Chinese medicine has always given us great insight into how our bodies can function at their very best. Not only does it address our physical health, but it also provides us with understanding, advice, techniques and practices on how to take care of ourselves mentally and spiritually, too. 

But have you heard of the 24 Seasonal Nodes? They’re an additional way to influence our health and give us information on how to elevate our wellbeing.  

What Are the 24 Seasonal Nodes?

The 24 Seasonal Nodes guide – or Qi Nodes guide – was originally created in Ancient China. It was developed as a way for agricultural folk to understand how they could work with the energy of nature to farm, look after their crops and beasts, and to support their own health and wellbeing – which was essential to ensure the success of the following season. 

Based on the lunisolar calendar, each month has two “nodes” reflecting the constant motion and changing rhythm of the season, and giving profound insight into how, even today, we can live more harmoniously with the energy of the natural world. 

Seasonal Node 20 – Xiao Xue

Seasonal Node 20 takes place on 22nd November and is known as Xiao Xue, or ‘Minor Snow’. This is the time in the Northern Hemisphere when, depending on where you live, we may start to see those first flurries of snow as the weather gets colder. As we head into the depths of Winter, we see everything start to slow down and pull back, going into itself. We, too, should take this time to focus our attention inwards. 

Xiao Xue, or ‘Minor Snow’, is the time in the UK when we tend to see those first flurries of snow as the weather gets colder.

The Water Season

Winter is the season of Water and is the most yin time of the year. The relevant organ is the Kidney, so we should work to protect and rebalance this essential element. In Chinese medicine, the Kidneys are known as the “Root of Life”; they are thought of as the body’s most important reservoir of essential energy, or ‘essence’ (also known as “jing”). For us to remain healthy and strong, we need to nourish, strengthen and “top up” our Kidney energy stores.  

Supporting Our Kidneys for Winter

One of the best ways to support our Kidneys for Winter is to rest. Kidneys need to recharge and be still. Meditation and qigong both offer excellent support, so it’s a great idea to make some time each day for both of these practices.  

The Rescue Breath is another easy and convenient way to give your Kidneys some support. Take a few moments in quiet solitude and gently rub your Kidneys whilst doing the healing sound, ‘Chooo’. You can see exactly how this technique should be done by watching my YouTube video 

The Rescue Breath is an easy and convenient way to give your Kidneys some support.

Do have a look at my Kidney Guide for more advice on how you can care for your Kidneys and keep them happy throughout the Winter season. I also have a brand new Winter Wellness Masterclass which provides lots of in-depth information on the many things you can do each day to support your health this Winter.  


Katie xx