The 3 Key Principles of Health

If you’re signed up to my newsletters, you’ll know I’ve been talking about the 3 key principles to better health and wellbeing. Those are: 

– The importance of good circulation and the strength and smooth flow of qi (energy) and blood. 

– The purging and nourishing of the cells. 

– Strengthening the 5 key organs. 

I want to really explain each aspect of this to you and why it’s so important. 

Smooth Circulation 

Smooth circulation is one of the most important aspects of good health, and it’s really underestimated in the modern world; we don’t really talk about it, and yet, when we practice Western medicine, we understand that it is the absolute baseline of being healthy.  

If you haven’t got your circulation moving freely, it’s very likely that you will get sick – it’s as simple as that! It doesn’t matter what your diet looks like, how many supplements you take or how much exercise you’re doing. If you want to get results for either your health, body, beauty or your fitness, you must get that circulation moving freely. 

Tapping is an essential practice I do each and every day that helps to boost circulation. The Hayo’u Tapper is created to make it both easy and quick to give your whole body an invigorating all-over tap for smoother circulation, better energy and a stronger body. 

Tapping helps to boost the circulation.

Purging & Nourishing the Cells

Chinese medicine looks at the body from a wider perspective. It takes into consideration not only symptoms of illness but other physical, psychological and emotional factors that can result in poor health.  

It is our lifestyle choices that have the biggest impact on preventing disease and premature ageing. Adopting certain techniques can have a purging and nourishing effect on the cells in our body, almost like a total body cleanse.  

It is only by purging and nourishing that we can bring the body back to a state of harmony. Modern living forces our bodies to be off-balance much of the time, so we need to continually work to bring it back to centre.  

We do this by purging our cells of toxicity, before replenishing them with positive energy. 

Daily breathing exercises are a free and easy way to give your health some support.

Strengthening the 5 Key Organs

In Chinese and Western medicine, the organs have physical responsibilities. But in Chinese medicine, we recognise that 5 key organs also have an emotional responsibility: 

The Heart is responsible for joy and love. Known as the ‘extreme governor’, it regulates the mind as well as controlling the smooth flow of blood and qi throughout the body.  

The Lungs are responsible for feelings of grief and sadness. They draw in qi through the air and disperse it through the body. 

The Liver controls feelings of anger and enables justice and righteousness. This organ also facilitates sleeping rhythms, proper vision and ensures the emotions are in proper balance.  

The Kidneys control fear. They are thought to be the root of the physical body, storing and transmuting a person’s essence (or ‘shen’).  

The Spleen controls anxiety and over-thinking. It keeps a person rooted within themselves and sustains the flow of qi against gravity.  

Keeping each organ strong and nourished will ensure illness is avoided and our health remains balanced and strong.  

For more information on individual organs and how to support them, I highly recommend taking a look at my Guides. 

Qigong is a great practice for strengthening your health

How to Incorporate the 3 Principles Into Our Health 

It is only by taking care of each principle that we can expect to have good overall health. So how do we go about this? 

There are many techniques available to us that we can do each day – and many of them have dual roles, meaning you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. And the best part is they only need to take a minute of your day! Just like brushing your teeth, spending a mere 60 seconds as often as you can will make a huge impact to your health, both immediately and long-term. 

Qigong is an excellent practice to adopt because it masters all 3 principles. Hayo’uFit are currently offering a 7-day free trial, so it’s the perfect time to try it out.

Gua sha is an ancient massage technique that can be done at any time – have a look at the Hayo’u site to see how it is done.  

There’s no need to take my word for it – try one or all of the techniques above and witness your health, energy and wellbeing improve in a matter of days. I can’t wait to hear how you get on – follow me on Instagram (@katie_brindle) and Facebook (KatieBrindleOfficial) and let me know what you think! 

If you’re interested to learn more, my book ‘Yang Sheng: The Art of Self-Healing is a great place to start.  

Katie xx