The Art of Letting Go Part 1

As we move into the middle month of Autumn, my attention is fully focused on the task at hand for the entire 12-week season. Last week I talked about the power of reflection and letting go, so this week I want to continue discussing this very important aspect of the Autumn months: why letting go is so very important, and why this is the perfect time of the year for us to really tune in to the yin energy all around us and take advantage of the support that we are being given.
As this is such a massive subject, I feel it warrants a Part 1 and a Part 2, so that we can really nail it. So, to explain more…
The power of Metal, which is the element of Autumn, is a power about taking and holding what is valuable and letting go of that which no longer serves us at this time, making way for what we need to nourish us right now. To this end, Metal has the power of destruction, and it is this Metal energy that hacks away the Wood energy, drying the life force of the leaves and trees, so eventually, they are left with bare branches. Although this might initially present a somewhat desolate image, in reality, it is actually a rather beautiful thing as it paves the way for us to progress, unencumbered.

So, how do we apply this to our everyday lives?

Grief, which is the most intense expression of letting go, is said to be the hardest of all the emotions to process. This was abundantly relevant in the old world as death would be witnessed regularly, as well as all the pain and suffering associated with it – it was something that everyone expected to have to deal with often. What I’m talking about here is letting go of negative thoughts and emotions, feelings, and upsets that we keep going over again and again, replaying old scenarios and, most importantly, being reminded of things that we just want to let go of and leave behind us.
So, what is it that we should be letting go of? That is the question we should be asking ourselves in the first instance…. and the answer is: “anything which doesn’t serve”. Any attachment to anyone, any time, or anything that no longer has a valuable place in our life right now, or in the direction we are moving towards, we should let it go. As the Masters say – and as I say in almost every one of my Healing Qigong classes – “you can’t fill an already full cup”, and cells that are full of stored negative frequencies simply have no capacity to accept anything new and positive.
And that is most likely to be the reason we feel sick in the first place, why we feel stuck, and even why we have difficulty in moving forward with our lives. We’ve been doing such great work letting go since Autumn began on 8th August, but there is still more that we can do as we begin to move through the Metal Metal aspect of Autumn, into Metal Earth, before Winter starts.
Next week I will be telling you about how we all – unintentionally – allow negativity to take hold, and how we can work with the current Metal energy to release and alchemise these destructive frequencies.