The Art of Letting Go Part 2

Last week I talked about why it is so important to let go; why, in the modern world, it is increasingly difficult for us to let go; and why this is the perfect time of the year, in tandem with the support of the Metal energy of Autumn, for us to take the necessary steps to make a difference right now.
So, let’s go a little deeper…

We have normally entered this world because we are suffering; we are trying to find the reason for our pain and a solution to it, and often this seems like an impossible task. But what we need to understand is that this situation: any grief, unhappiness, or sorrow that we are feeling, has arisen because we have created the right internal conditions – albeit inadvertently – and we have enabled these low frequencies to take hold and drag us down, making us feel heavy, stuck and often physically and emotionally ill.
The solution is to change those conditions so that the negative environment no longer exists. And when the negative environment no longer exists, the symptoms can then no longer exist. But this, of course, is easier said than done and requires some specific techniques.

We need to remember that there are two main organs that relate to letting go – the Lungs and the Large Intestine. The Lungs handle our more immediate requirements, as they breathe in and out multiple times a minute, keeping us alive. Whereas the Large Intestine is responsible for the tail end of the process, it has the final say on what is eliminated and what is reabsorbed.
So, the first thing we do is the Smiling Breath, thereby immediately establishing a conscious connection between these two organs as we focus the third eye on creating a state of healing down in the lower Jiao. This, in turn, supports the upper Jiao. And it is simple: just hold your hands over your lower belly, close your eyes and breathe slowly in and out whilst smiling into the area behind your hands. To deepen the benefits of this exercise, you can breathe out using the healing sound “ssssss”, visualizing the negative frequencies literally steaming out through the skin.
Like leaves falling off a tree, it takes time for this to work, and I recommend practising daily throughout Autumn, being aware of the subtle shifts inside you as you release the negative frequencies and let them go.
Right now, as we march towards the next full moon on 20th October, we are in the waxing phase – and as the energy of the moon grows, this inspires us to get on with things, to really look at how we can move forward, driving our intention to release; to purge and nourish. It is the ideal time in the moon’s cycle to really feel our gratitude and focus on the abundance in our lives before we progress into Winter.

Do join my Healing Qigong classes, where we spend 90 minutes together focusing on this very powerful technique, adding in movements to deepen the process and, of course, strengthen our five key organs.