February is traditionally about love, red roses, boxes of chocolates and having that great partner to share this day with. But, why do we need to rely on someone else to make us feel loved? It’s time for the season of self-love.

Happiness, loving ourselves, our bodies, and having a healthy self-image is something that is within our own control. We should be as kind to ourselves as we are to others in order to live a pleasurable life, and that pleasure and feel-good way of thinking should be amplified every minute of every day, that is the key.

I want to focus on the importance of self-love and why putting yourself first is a necessary act of kindness. Self-love to me is far more than loving how we look, but loving our very being. The Universe has a limitless capacity, an abundance, of love that is available to us all.  All we need to do is understand how to hook into this inexhaustible energy and allow ourselves to recognise it, understanding, rather than denying its existence in every cell of our bodies.

What resonated with those who attended my recent Body Beautiful Masterclass was the fact that for the modern-day woman, the emphasis should no longer be about punishment and stress, and feeling that we are somehow “less than.”  The message that clearly rang out, and that we need to focus on today and every day, is that it is all about pleasure and relaxation.  Our lives should be pleasurable, and that pleasure and feel-good way of thinking should be amplified every minute of every day, that is the key.

We all understand that the Heart is a symbol of love, but we might not quite understand why our Heart, particularly the frequencies of our Heart energy, plays such a vital role in our ability to love ourselves. In Chinese medicine, the Heart is the source of joy, happiness and emotional protection.   When properly nourished our Heart maintains our contentment and emotional balance, and joy is the emotional nourishment that our Heart needs above all else.

In my recent ‘The Art of Self Love: Building Your Self Esteem’ masterclass, I show you how we can pull ourselves out of negative feelings, to look the highest frequency of the heart, Universal Love. Love is the answer and it begins with self-love.

How do we practice self-love, do you ask?


We relax and breathe

Never underestimate the importance of breath. We breathe in the higher frequencies of the Universe with every breath, and we focus on what we want to draw in.


We smile at the Universe

Taoist Masters understood that our cells are constantly releasing and absorbing, every second of every day. Don’t forget that we breathe in some 25,000 times each day so that is an amazing opportunity for us to really draw in a massive amount of positivity. If you want to learn more about this, there’s a useful breathing video here.

We practice Qigong

To practice self-love, we don’t want to spend hours slogging it out at the gym and exist on a lettuce leaf. My Healing Qigong class leaves you relaxed yet energised, without feeling like you are suffering from a harsh regime.


Qigong encourages the free flow of energy around the body by combining considered movements with breath and mental engagement.

The Law of Attraction

I strongly believe in manifestation on a higher frequency and that like attracts like. With every breath, we have the opportunity to influence our path and can even inform the helixes in our cell structure.

As the great Lao Tzu said:

“Love is a decision – not an emotion”, and the above is only a glimpse into the endless power of self-love.

In my masterclass called ‘The Art of Self Love: Building Your Self-Esteem’ I explain why the concept of self-love and the importance of looking after ourselves in a pleasurable and nurturing way is more crucial now than it has ever been before. Download your copy here and join my Healing Qigong classes to discover how to recognise your own self-worth and give yourself the love you deserve.