The Katie Brindle Body Beautiful Resolution

I want to introduce you to my 2022 Body Beautiful resolution!

We’re at the end of our first week of 2022, and by now many of you will no doubt be struggling with your New Year resolutions. In fact, we abandon around 80% of our new aspirations a mere month after they are made… and who can blame us? Keeping New Year goals can add unneeded pressure to our already stress-filled, unbalanced lives.

The number one New Year Resolution every year, without fail, is losing weight and getting into shape. But these promises to ourselves usually fall by the wayside fairly quickly; a week of early runs in the dark, green smoothies and minimal results will put even the most determined off their game plan!  

It’s easy to see why we fall for it every year. We are bombarded and seduced with messages telling us to try this new get-fit-quick workout or that fad diet plan. I, too, tried them all… none of them worked, and I was left feeling deflated as well as unfit.   

But why do we force ourselves to abide by such strict diets and exercise routines? It’s completely unnecessary. Believe it or not, there is a far easier way… a way that can fit into your life without huge upheaval and a way that – most importantly – works.  

Join my ‘Body Beautiful’ campaign and achieve your New Year Resolutions this year

Introducing My 2022 Body Beautiful Campaign 

That’s why I’ve created my “Body Beautiful” resolution for 2022. I want to help everyone to love their body – and loving your body on the outside means taking care of your body on the inside.   

Chinese wisdom shows us that having a balanced body will result in a beautiful, fit and healthy exterior – and there are just 3 key techniques you need to master.

Sound too good to be true? I promise you it’s not! 

My 3 key principles will change your life

The 3 Key Principles to a Beautiful, Healthy Body

Over the course of January, I’ll talk in depth about the following:  

  • The smooth flow of circulation.  
  • The consistent purging and nourishing of all cells.  
  • Strengthening the 5 key organs; Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen.  

Combined, these 3 principles hold the key to balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul. Knowing how to achieve each one will leave you healthier, happier and, yes, probably even fitter than you have ever been before.  

Be sure to book a ticket for my Body Beautiful Masterclass on Monday 10th at 6 pm GMT.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post when I’ll talk more in depth about these 3 incredible life-changing principles.

Until then… 


Katie xx