The Importance of Reflection and Letting Go

So, yesterday was my birthday and Mr Brindle, as always, worries about not knowing what to get me given he isn’t much of a shopper, so tends to take me away! As that’s now become a regular event, it’s become part of our annual calendar as a couple and something I very much relish.

Conveniently, this activity enables me to use this moment to take a breath and reflect. Reflection is so important at this moment because, as we can see in nature all around us, Autumn is a season of change and transition. The reason that reflection is such an important part of our self-care right now is because Autumn is all about letting go, so you need to really reflect on what it actually is that you want to let go of. As we know, Autumn is ruled by the lungs, so it is all about what you hold on to – that is, what serves you well – and what you let go of. This is what the healthy metal element is all about, healthy lungs and a healthy large intestine. So, reflection is a really important part of the letting go process because it enables you to decide, consciously and really articulately, what you are going to let go of.

The Masters were big on reflection and letting go too, as the great Lao Tzu said:

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”

This is the overriding emotion of the season and it is the perfect opportunity, as we continue to align ourselves with the power and potential available to us, particularly at this time of the year, to work with the energy of Autumn to shed anything that we no longer need.

So, as we use our journals and reflect. Reflect on what should stay and what needs to gently fall away like the leaves on a tree. Reflect on where we were this time last year, think about what happened, good and bad, which bits do we want to keep hold of and which bits need to fall away? What patterns still serve us at this time and what do we no longer have use for and need to gently release to enable new life to flourish? The process can be so poignant and soothing if done gently, leaving us full of gratitude: the highest virtue of Autumn.

If you wish to go deeper, I will be discussing this further tomorrow at 6pm. Join me for my Autumn Release Masterclass and I will help you to release anything that is weighing you down, clearing negative patterns and toxic emotions as we embrace the clarity of the season and, just as Mother Nature does, create our own rich and fertile internal environments in which we can again flourish.