The Winter Solstice: A Change in Nature’s Energy

21st December is one of the most important days in the Chinese calendar – the Winter Solstice.

Known in the 24 Seasonal Nodes as ‘Extreme Winter’, here in the Northern Hemisphere it is the time when we have the shortest day and the longest night of the year. Winter has now completely taken over and yin energy has reached her peak.  At this moment, the natural world pauses, just for a second before the spark of yang stirs and, again, slowly starts to rise until it, in turn, will reach its zenith at the Summer Solstice.

Yin & Yang

Everything in the Universe, including ourselves,  is made up of yin & yang energy, that perfect example of dualism where opposite yet complementary forces constantly ebb and flow throughout the seasons, one growing stronger as the other diminishes – the shifting energies always working together to create harmony and balance.

Winter qi is more ‘yin’ in nature; meditative, calm, peaceful and still, whereas ‘yang’ is more relevant to the nature of Spring and Summer; expansive, moving forward, eager for growth and renewal.


Life in Harmony

To live in harmony with the natural world, we need to be mindful of this constantly changing energy around us and be guided by its wisdom.  As we make seasonal adjustments to our own lifestyle and habits, we ensure that the balance and harmony of our own energy is maintained, nurtured and even healed.

Chinese wisdom understands that at that moment of transition from one energy to another  – that briefest of pauses – blending of yin & yang heralds the possibility of new creation and rebirth, not only for the natural world but also for ourselves, both spiritually and emotionally.


The Winter Solstice

Our own inner wisdom can also be at its most powerful during this time. The Winter Solstice is the perfect moment to echo nature’s stillness, to go within ourselves, listen to that innate inner wisdom that we all have, and truly reflect.  Ask yourself:

What do you want your life to be like in the coming year?

What is it you want to turn your energy towards?

Allow yourself to be supported by the Water element of Winter and go deep within to listen to your higher self.  The answers are there, waiting for you to notice them.


Embracing the Stillness

Allowing yourself the time for peaceful and restorative meditation will be especially beneficial right now.  So take some time to sit in quiet contemplation, pause your breath and linger for a moment in the serene stillness.  Understand that, like the emerging Spring, you too have the ability to nurture and grow your seeds of hope, your intentions, and your goals for the coming year.

Embrace this beautiful quiet before the energy and life of Spring arrives – it’s just around the corner!

Have a peaceful Winter Solstice and I’ll see you on the other side…

Love, Katie xx