Winding Down for Winter

Although we are still in Mid-November and are still experiencing the occasional mild day, we are actually already in the season of Winter.

This is the time of Yin that heralds the end of the year cycle. It’s when we start to slow everything down, turning our energy inwards.   

During the more energetic seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn, we will all have expended a lot of energy. This means that our reserves may be running a little low; we will naturally be ready for the chance to rest.

We can look forward to being able to slow down a little and enjoy long, cosy evenings by the fire with a warming pot of tea and perhaps a beloved pet by our side. 

Now is the time for quiet contemplation in front of a warm, cosy fire

Now is the time for quiet contemplation in front of a warm, cosy fire.

Taking a Leaf from Nature’s Book

There is a good reason why many animals slow right down, or even hibernate, in Winter. Their metabolic rate, breathing and heart rates decrease in order to conserve energy and survive adverse weather conditions.  

And Winter is the time for us to have our own form of hibernation and go inwards. We can work with the passive nature and yielding energy of Yin as we build up our defences and regain our strength. This preparation will be ideal for the coming year and the surges of energy that Spring will call for.   

It is the perfect time for us to embrace the stillness, calmness and introspection. We can take the opportunity for some self-reflection to reconnect with our inner being as we set our intentions for the start of the new cycle. 

Embrace the stillness, calmness and introspection of Winter.

Embracing Winter

Over the coming weeks, we will travel deeper into Winter energy. Keep an eye out for blog posts on how Chinese wisdom can teach us how to care for our health and wellbeing. Winter is the time to engage in soul-nourishing activities and make the most of this beautiful and tranquil season.

For more information about protecting yourself this Winter using Chinese medicine, check out our Masterclass